Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Work wardrobe wishlist

So for all of those who don't know this week my typical same old same old Monday at work was brightened up somewhat when I found out I got the new job I applied for. I'm excited for many reasons firstly the new job is more pennies (or as I prefer to think more shoes tokens) , secondly I'm back located in the city centre of Leeds (coincidently at my old office before my current department was relocated) and finally it's a job where I can dress like I'm actually going to work. 

The third statement may seem a little bizarre to some people who always dress there best 9-5 however as my current job is not public facing it allows me to rock up pretty casually which today included skinny jeans my best band t-shirt and a pair of Nike blazers. I don't think my new employer would be very impressed by my rather trendy yet casual get up. Yet weirdly enough I'm actually looking forward to getting up each morning putting together smart outfits and heading of to work with pride. I think also the thought of working back in the busy city centre will finally motivate me to take notice of my work appearance. I'm not saying I currently dress like a tramp for work but knowing other than facing the my work colleagues I see every day or the stray dog that lurks outside the office, there's no one to dress smartly for. 

So I thought I'd share with you my new work wardrobe wish-list (tongue twister or what). Surprisingly looking through all the smart fitting shirts and tailored trousers is actually taking over my shoe obsession at the moment. In contrast to the type of look I'm currently sporting for work I hate it when people pick up things and go "that will do for work". You spend most of your days at work so why not try to look your best. 

Anyway onto the wishlist. I was hoping to put together a collage and play around editing looks onto mood boards etc (my god that sounds sad) but technology is failing me. 

T M Lewin - Fitted white spot dobby shirt - £34.95

Not to start the list of with the most boring item going a plain white collar shirt but it is kind of a classic work staple to own. I think we can underestimate that when a plain shirt fits well it will always remain looking classy and sophisticated.

eBay - Statement necklace - £3.09

Not to seem too dull with my white shirt choice. I've been making note of statement accessories too. eBay always have cheap statement necklaces what you can pick up for under £5.

ASOS - Shirt with grandad collar and pintuck bib - £32.00

Back to shirts. I really haven't much of clue why I like this shirt so much. I'm torn between it looking dorky and classy, not a combination that ever come to mind so I think that's why I love it so much. 

Boohoo - Jasmine crop monochrome aztec jacket - £20

Moving away from shirts. As its is Winter and although I have no official start date through at the moment in door jackets are always nice to have. I am a rather cold person, as my grandma use to regularly say me; I have blood like chip shop vinegar. I've no idea what this saying actually means but either way I want to beat the chill in style. 

ASOS - High waisted trousers with seam detail - £25.00

Trousers are always easy to wear and ASOS have a great selection at the moment. When I think of black trousers I have a dreaded flash back to school trousers. I always wear skinny jeans and leggings so tailored skinny fitted trousers are far more my style yet appropriate and stylish. 

Boohoo - Chloe Dogtooth Pointed mid heels - £15.00

I was going to avoid featuring shoes as my monthly shoe wish list will be up soon.Yet I came across these and gasped, then gasped again when I saw they were a mere £15.00!! 

Ark - Tartan tunic dress - £26.99

I've had my eye on this dress fora while and wanted to buy it for the day of the interview but didn't have time. The dress looks ideal for wearing with black tights and a stylish coat for work but also trendy (it's really hard to say the word trendy in my head without sounding like the most uncool person ever) enough for a casual weekend. 

Next - Gold eau de parfum 75ml £12
Finally yes I'm including perfume and when you rush to next to pick this up you will thank me.

I think we're all guilty of buying the cheap on offer perfumes (usually brought out by a c-list celebrity or ex pop star) what typically end up smelling like something I created from my nana's garden roses as a child. So when we realise they don't smell too great we simply use the fragrance for work. I know the majority of us don't like splashing out on expensive perfumes for work. So when my mum came home a few days ago raving about the bottle of perfume she came across in next it reminded me there's often some brilliant in expensive fragrances that get over looked. Gold is pretty new to next and it's such a brilliant elegant musky type perfume.I have really no idea how to describe perfume to you but two of my all time favourite fragrances are Dior Addict and Paco Rabanne Lady Million and this is kind of a similar scent to the two except at a bargain price.


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