Monday, 25 November 2013

Halo hair extensions (The Halo) blonde hair guide.

I have always wanted the perfect thick flowing Barbie locks we so often see in magazines. I think we have all become so used to seeing girls with thick natural looking glossy hair that we no longer even questions if their hair is extensions or if their just a distant relative of Repunzel. I was recently introduce to Halo Hair Extensions and I have to say I am fully converted. I never thought hair extensions would be so easy to apply or the fact that they would ever excite me. 

I'm really finding it a little difficult to write this as I've always been against wearing hair extensions. Firstly I've always thought they are costly, damaging to hair, would require 1000 clips in my head what would most likely fall out after too many tequilas. Not to mention the price of good extensions. However I was recently introduced to The Halo by Halo hair extensions, what doesn't use any glue, clips or tapes but in fact used a "miracle wire" to secure the 100% human hair extensions in place. 

So quite obviously the pictures of cupcakes, sweeties and goody bags suggest I recently attended an event for Halo Hair extensions. This event came at a perfect time for myself. Not because of the Christmas party's and wanting to look my best with glamorous hair but because recently I've been madly researching hair extensions and have found the reviews (been somewhat of a hair extension newby) very confusing. I have no idea the difference between pre-bonded and micro rings and I'm pretty sure I can't be the only girl who feels that she would be only one who can't clip in her own clip in hair extensions. Plus been a blonde I really don't want to add any more damage to my own hair. 

Now I did tell a small white lie back then as when I say I'm a hair extension newby, I was in fact lying. I have hair extensions in a few years backs (Almost 3 years ago now, my my where does time go) I paid £500 for individual bonded hair extensions to be professionally applied. Now when first applied they looked fantastic I can't lie. I loved them, some girls hate the barbie-esk type hair but I love it, especially when it's well maintained. However I will still call myself a newby as after paying all that money I only kept the hair extensions in for a few months, I found having bleach blonde hair having hair extensions comes with it's own additional problems is time consuming and costly to maintain. 

I never really choose to have extensions again for a number of reasons. It wasn't my experience was bad but the money I spend didn't give the long lasting results I aimed to achieve. This was for a number of reasons.

I have my hair bleached. If you have seen my other photos and posts you will notice my hair is very white blonde. I really didn't notice just how light my hair is until it came to matching the extensions (the ones pictured are a little of my own colour in the lighting). So my first problem with permanent extensions was, bleaching my hair. Although it is advisable you can bleach your hair with permanent extensions. For me the possible knotting and tangling of the hair when bleaching with permanent extensions in seemed far too risky. For anyone whos had there hair bleached, the bleach requires a lot of shampooing to make sure its all removed and can feel gritty. So the thought of bleaching my hair with extensions in screams matted hair for me. Once I had the permanent extensions in I didn't bleach my hair, I ended up with hideous roots., it wasn't worth the money I had paid. When after around 6 weeks I wanted them out to have my hair bleached. 

Secondly the damage permanent extensions can cause. Ok so I'm sure there are many girls out there who wear extensions all the time and will swear to you they aren't damaging. Yet for me the whole process of having them glued in then having the glue more or less pulled back out of your hair (although not as painful as I just made it sound) is not good for any hair type. Been blonde my hair is especially prone to breaking and snapping and at the moment I've been doing all I can to prevent breaking. Let's face it anyone wanting to invest in hair extensions surly should be looking to keep there own hair as long and as healthy as possible. 

So why am I suddenly converted to Halo.

The Halo is non-permanent, doesn't require clips tugging at your hair and doesn't require permanent bonds. The Halo simply sit's comfortable upon your little head. Then blends in with your own hair. Ok a bad description there, so watch this video. As the extensions are also 100% remy human hair, they can also be dyed and toned to blend perfectly with your own hair colour. Although there are a good range of colours available and if your unsure simply email a picture to the experts and they are always happy to advise you. I love how easy they are to apply, seriously if I can do this anyone can. Finally it's affordable luxury, I know a trip to the salon is always nice but I love thae these can be applied to easily at home for those big nights out and how easy it can be removed. 

Hope you found this post useful.


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