Tuesday, 26 November 2013

An introduction to Neals Yard Remedies

I was recently invited down to Neal Yards Remedies for a spot of pampering although surprisingly I never knew they did spa type treatments. To me Neals Yard Remedies was the shop with the funny blue coloured bottles what I often walked past after work peering in curiously. Kind of like a child in a Christmas film wishing Santa will bring them a puppy as they look lovingly into a pet store. 

Why are all the bottles blue? The bottles are all a rather striking recognisable shade of blue, as this protects the products from direct sunlight. 

So I will admit despite walking past the shop on many occasions Neal Yards Remedies is a brand that I'm unfamiliar with and have not tried at all. As much as I was very content indulging myself in the free champers,cheese board and nibbles that were kindly laid out for the evening, I really wanted to learn more about the brand and why it's so unique.

I put my little blogger head on and got chatting and started asking a few questions. The one question I think that comes to mind when learning about a new beauty brand is quite obviously; what's your best selling product. Yet with the brand been an organic brand I simply was curious about what goes into the products.  

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the brand regularly changes the ingredients to ensure all the ingredients used are sustainable and ethically sourced. Yet without compromising on quality.  

During all my pleasant little chit chats with the staff I started to notice not once was anyone trying to push a sale on me. A pretty rare thing at beauty events. All the staff I spoke to seemed interested in what I had to say. A wonderful little example of this was when I mentioned I suffer from dry hands in the winter, a few minuets late the advisor had popped behind the counter and whipped me up a little sample of cream personally for me. In addition to this when I began moaning how much I miss having just a shower and not a bath instead of trying to sell me a shower gel not a bubble bath, It was suggest I just soak my feet on an evening instead. I'm still genuinely shocked how good a tip this is. I have since been soaking my tired little tootsies on an evening with the geranium & Orange bath soak. It's so relaxing and perfect before bed time.

To top of my wonderful little evening I was introduced to the treatments that the store has to offer. Little did I know this is a gem of a place for spa type therapy treatments including Indian head message, facials, hot stone massages and reflexology.

I tried the reflexology. This again is something that's new to me and although some people get a nervous about people touching there feet, I actually rather enjoy it. I was in good hands with their therapist Judy Hall (who actually has a few celeb clients) who made me feel very relaxed. Reflexology as I found out stimulated heeling points through the body using pressure points in the feet. I don't want to sound too cliché here but I actually seemed to notice over the next few day I felt a lot more relaxed. This isn't something I've ever had before but I would defiantly go back.  

Have you been to Neals Yard Remedies?


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