Thursday, 7 November 2013

Shoe Box Appeal (operation Christmas child)

There are many reasons why I love the shoe box appeal. Firstly I have fond memories of the shoe box appeal from primary school, the class would all bring in toys and toiletries and everyone in the school was given the morning out of class to help wrap up the boxes, colour in pictures to stick on them and help pack them. 

Secondly how could me of all people not support a campaign based around shoe boxes!

I know I'm often a little materialistic so it's nice to think about others and give something back for once. I will be honest I was unaware the shoe box appeal was still going until it popped in my mind a few weeks ago and to my surprise it is and there's still time to take part. 

Operation Christmas child has been going since 1990 and has delivered shoe boxes to over a 100 million children to disadvantaged children affected by poverty, war and natural disasters at Christmas.

To take part:

Find a shoe box

wrap it

Decide who the shoe box is for:
Girl or boy and what age category 2-4 5-9 10-14
(I decided to aim mine at a girl aged around 7 so my label will read girl 5-9)

Fill your box
See what to pack

Drop your shoe box of at your local drop of point, along with £3 to send the shoe box on it's way. 

Last drop of date is the 18th November

For more information see Operation Christmas child

I hope this encourages lots of you to take part. The scheme is in-expensive and toys and gifts don't have to be new just in good condition. I picked up the contents of my shoe box at a local supermarket and everything cost me under £10. I'm not one for preaching charity at people but the appeal is for a good cause and one that has remained close to my heart since a child. I thought this post would be a nice way to spread the message and hopefully encourage people to take part. 


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