Thursday, 6 November 2014

Cotton Traders | Day trip decider

Deciding where to go for a day out can honestly be exhausting, quite often by the time you decide what to do for the day it's time to come home again. My days out sometimes haven't even got past the deciding stage and on many occasions, unless acting out the scene from Jungle Book with the vultures "I don't know do you wanna do" counts, the indecisiveness on many has all too well ended up in me huffing and puffing on the sofa and staying home instead. 

So when Cotton Traders created a tool to suggest fun days out across the UK by answering a few simple questions, where your travelling to or live, which region, what pace you want for the day (active and involved or nice and steady), indoor or outdoor, then grab your bag and head on your chosen adventure, I thought I best take a peek. 

There's some great ideas suggested as well, my first suggestion was actually paragliding, although I was informed that's not very well suited to this time of year, my second option suggested I try my hand..well legs, at indoor Skiing at Xscape Castleford. Although for the more relaxed of us, I've come across suggestions including a tour of Corrie, trip to the zoo, afternoon tea and some great walking routes. 

Since the suggestions was made, it would be rude not to try my hand at Skiing. Plus my best friend happens to be going skiing in February to Austria (not that I'm jealous in any way) so it was pretty easy for me to encourage her to come on a skiing lesson with me. 

We arrived an hour before the lesson and got kitted out in some skiing clothing , gloves are a must! I look like I have massive hands don't I. It's the thick skiing gloves compared to my tiny hands but I'm looking at this thinking I have hands the size of Edward Scissor hands at the moment. Any how, we got kitted up and hit the slopes. 

There wasn't any chance to take photos of the actual session so you will have to believe me when I said I hit the slopes like a pro and I've been recruited for the Olympic team next year. Ok so you may not believe that, but I felt pretty smug at the fact I didn't fall over once. It is a little weird getting use to the fact the ski's are actually attached to your feet and walking on the flat of the slope is a weird feeling. The beginners class was actually so much fun and the instructor was great. I passed the class, however be warned it's not as easy as it looks, as the poor guy who crashed through the barriers and the 2nd snow victim who got tangled in the ski lift realised. 

As a complete novice I thought the class would be a little tedious and boring to begin with, but it was a great fun and the class of 9 of us in total all had a great lesson and everyone was socialble with one and another. 

Although I'm pretty sure at the start when the instructor asked if anyone had any holidays booked, he may of had the idea of the Swiss Alpes and the snowy hills of Austria in mind, not Malia as the guy next to me enthusiastically said. 

To that I shall wish him a great holiday in Malia and leave you all to check out your next adventure with the Day Trip Decider

Have you checked out indoor skiing?


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