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Degustabox review (discount code) October

The year is going so fast, last weekend I actually purchased the most amazing, holidays are coming coca-cola t shirt and on Friday considered wearing it to work. It was only when I kind of though it's still only November and I best save it for the 1st December did I stop myself. Luckily when I got home it turns out Christmas had in fact arrived early and the October Degustabox* had landed on my doorstep. Obviously one little fella was also intrigued, Douglas always seems to love having a peek in the boxes too. 

October Degustabox

October Degustabox

October Degustabox

October Degustabox

October Degustabox

October Degustabox

October Degustabox

October Degustabox

This months box seemed a good mix of cooking items, nibbles and store cupboard staples. 

Special K Cracker Crisps - £1.89
After checking out the content of the box these were the first thing I tucked into. I dipped them into the sweet chilli sauce and sat and nearly munched the whole bag. Despite been a healthier version of crisps I doubt devouring the entire bag counts...that's right my Friday nights are wild! 

Blue Dragon, Sweet Chilli Sauce x 2 - £1.39 each
Kind of a store cupboard staple, chilli sauce. Handy for dips, with meals, and adding to any delicious recipes you may wish to create. 

Get Buzzing Flapjack - £1.30
100% natural flap jack bars. A nice snack for a balanced diet. For 10% of visit and use discount code newbuzz10. 

Enhance Drinks - £2.49
I kind of didn't get the purpose in this at first. I'd seen the concentrated drinks around the supermarket the past few months, but there actually kind of handy. For example camping trips they don't take up much room in your luggage as a large bottle of juice would and buying water is cheaper than juice when your on the go so this is kind of handy to keep in your bag. 

Kents Kitchen meal kit - £2.50
The idea of these is great, actually a meal kit which makes you feel like a chef. Although opening a can of sauce and adding it to some chicken makes most of us feel like a chef these really are aimed at making home cooking, well actual cooking again. Examples of the kits include, Thai green curry, Brazilian feijoada and chilli con carne. Each kit includes curry paste, spices and an oil all designed to cook up a delicious meal in 20 minuets. Genius. 

Solo Marshmellow Creme - £1.99
Open lid, dips in finger, mmm, tasty. No words needed here, this is so fun and really does taste like toasted marshmallow. Although there's so many ways to eat and cook with this my suggestion would be adding into ice cream sundaes or making marshmallow fudge with. 

Dr Oetker premium 90% extra dark chocolate - £2.49
A new product on the marker. The premium dark chocolate is great for adding a luxury taste to your baking treats. 

Bear Paws fruit snack - £0.55
Perfect for the kiddies pack lunches these pure fruit snacks with no added sugar. 

Dr Oetker fine dark coco powder - £1.89
A new product again, perfect for cooking and complete with recipe cards. 

Brioche Pasquier sliced brioche loaf - £1.69
Brioche bread somehow seems to remind me of holidays. The sweet tasty loaf is great for toast, sandwiches and great for cooking and I may try making a brioche bread and butter pudding. 

Brioche Pasquier pain au lait with chocolate chips - £1.60
I love these, I'm usually seen running for a bus with one in hand on a morning, there a perfect breakfast or snack item. 

Jelly Belly jelly beans - £2.50
Well I would like to comment on taste but unfortunately my dad has beat me too these and eaten them all. It seems at no matter what age you are, everyone loves jelly beans. 

If you would like to check out degustabox, you can use discount code LUX17 for a £3.00 discount. 


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