Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Making pizza | Black Swan Call Lane Leeds

When I think of Call Lane in Leeds, it's somewhere I rarely visit, despite it's well known reputation, to me the most of bars on the street including Oporto, Jakes Bar and Neon Cactus all feel cold and unwelcoming and I'm sadly past the student nights. Despite been popular amongst night life tourists for me it's always been somewhat of a no go zone. 

When I was invited down to check out the new bar / restaurant, Black Swan opening, I read the press release and decided to put my prejudice aside and take a little visit. Aiming to bring the classic British pub atmosphere back to the city centre Black Swan is pretty much set to storm Call Lane. Serving local Yorkshire food, sour dough pizzas, Craft ales and of course unique cocktails what couldn't there be to love about this place. Not to mention the rustic surroundings which makes the place feel homely.  There aim is to get to know their customers, the idea you can call in after work and leave a drink behind the bar for your best mate is kind of a new concept to a city centre bar. 

To welcome us to the venue, myself and few other lucky few were invited for a night of pizza making, a cocktail master class over view and that great British classic...the pub quiz!

I was super excited to try my hand at pizza making. It turns out it's not as easy at looks to make the dough round, although we had a go at spinning it in the air and all that jazz, in the end mine looked pretty square so the staff gave me a helping hand. I best stick to my day job, aye. Topping the pizza was something I found a little easier...cheese, cheese and more cheese was my motto. Although I did add some parma ham, roasted peppers and olives to try impress the others. The traditional ovens at typically 500 degrees although the one behind me was 350 degrees it was pretty hot work making my creation, so onto cocktails it was next. 

Upstairs of the Black Swan is a cocktail bar and more restaurant seating. I pretty much love all cocktails so trying a few yummy creations...well its all in a days work. The first cocktail that was created for us all was a Espresso Martini, it was pretty strong, but everything a good cocktail should have, a balanced taste and well plenty of booze. The second a more refreshing Mai Tai. The third...I'm pretty sure work read this, so well I'll stop at two and let you check out the rest. 

Before the night was over I got to bring out my competitive side for the pub quiz. I can't say are guesses of the Yorkshire theme quiz were well Yorkshire...hint, bottom row, middle guy, is not, Frank Sinatra! Although who's keeping score when you have more pizza! 

I can honestly say I really like this place, after Thursday I have been back, Saturday for a lunch of pizza which had a nice relaxed family atmosphere and a mix of diners, from young couples, groups of friends and even family's (they have a menu for the munchkins too). Sunday night for a quiet drink, there was great music, relaxed atmosphere and the staff were chatty and friendly. The next was Monday night for a a quick drink after work and again a nice atmosphere. I'd recommend giving these a guy a follow on twitter too for a little banter. 


*Event hosted by Shackletons PR*

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