Saturday, 22 November 2014

Cranberry & white chocolate truffles recipe

Recently I've become rather fond of baking a lot more than ever, maybe it's the cold winter nights and cooking up delicious treats seems more the fitting way to spent the evenings. This week I decided I would have a go at making truffles. I've never made them before but it seemed an easy choice and perfect for the festive season which is slowly creeping up on us all. These white chocolate and cranberry truffles would make the perfect home made gift too for friends and family on that big day. Although I may need to perfect making them a smaller truffle size. Wouldn't want my mum thinking I've handed her a bag of scotch eggs on the big day. 

Home made white chocolate and cranberry truffles

Home made white chocolate and cranberry truffles

Home made white chocolate and cranberry truffles

These are super easy and quick to make, unlike attempting to make fudge your also not at any risk of burning any pans. Plus there is very little washing up to do here. If you've read any of my baking posts, you will know I like my recipes quick and simple.   

You will need:
200ml cream, 450g of white chocolate (I'm using giant milky bar buttons), 200g dried cranberries, a handful of amaretti biscuit and a teaspoon of coco powder. 

How to make:
Pour the cream into a large bowl and microwave for 60 seconds to heat the cream. 

Add the chocolate buttons and stir into the cream, microwave for 30 seconds intervals and keep stiring until the mix is smooth and glossy. White chocolate burns very quickly so make sure you keep an eye on this. This should only take another minuet. 

Add the dried cranberries and stir into the mix. 

Pour the mix onto a baking tray and leave to set in the fridge for an hour. For plain truffles you can leave in the same bowl to set, however I wanted to keep the cranberrys even and not all sink to the bottom of the bowl. Using a flat baking tray also helps the mix set quicker. 

Grind the amaretti biscuits in a blender with a spoon ful of coco-powder. This is to coat the truffles. 

Once the truffle mix has set, spoon out the mixture with a tea spoon and quickly shape them into little balls. Don't try and get them perfect the quicker you do this the less the mix will melt. 

Coat them with the ground amaretti powder. 

share with family & friends and enjoy. 


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