Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Too much technology?

Since i started blogging i have defiantly upped my use use of social networking. I'm not saying social networking is a bad thing as it does what it says on the tin and connects us with like-minded people. Not to mention its been amazing for helping me promote my own blog. However i sometimes feel technology is overwhelming us all. Do we really need it?

Ironically i wrote this post in two halves: the first half said this:

For example whilst i'm sat writing this on blogger my phone is sat happily buzzing away every second reminding me of my twitter followers, my emails, what my friends have said on facebook and telling someone made a bid on my eBay listing. I then have friends texting me, people messaging me on whatsapp and kik, its exhausting and i'm not even that popular. Not to mention i still haven't got to grips with instagram (i know mad right?).

The worst part is i feel i'm been left behind with all these sparkly new apps, i'm not LinkedIn and i find uploading to Pintrest a chore. 

I understand its my own choice to use these products, but i honestly feel as though i have to be using them to keep up to date with life. I often imagine living in a world without mobile phones the internet or social media sites. I imagine what it must of been like to live without phones, laptops tablets etc and i imagine a much more polite world. For example now before we go to meet our friends we have to send numerous texts to make sure were there at exactly the same time, god forbid we have to stand on own for a few minuets, then when we finally meet we check in on facebook.  

I imagine a world without phones and social media to go like this: 

We would have to arrange a time and stick to it! If your friends forget to turn up or was late for whatever reason it would be tough. However i imagine in those times waiting around no one would pity you etc they would understand you was simply waiting for friends and maybe even chat to you. If you wanted to find your friends you might have to walk into the local pub or usual hangout alone and simply see if they was there, they might not be but i imagine you would start talking to more people anyways as everyone would understand.

Then there's the other half to this post: On Sunday i lost Rosie (don't worry Rosie isn't a child or a puppy or anything she was my mobile phone, I named her that because of the panda phone case i had, i thought she looked  like a Rosie) !!

Other than having this song in my head all day! Its pretty stressful loosing your phone, I'm sure we have all done this once in our lives. Firstly having to have my phone blocked, await a new sim card, find a replacement, report it to the insurance company. Then there's loosing all my contacts, I'm pretty sure I just about got them all back from last time I lost my phone a years back. Yet despite everything I mentioned in the above post I'm lost without it. The worst part been there wasn't even a password on my phone so now someone has access to my twitter, Facebook, Blogger, eBay, emails, all my messages, photos, contacts... its a nightmare having to change passwords let friends know etc. I also miss all the social media! It is 2013!!


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