Thursday, 7 February 2013

Feeling creative

As its no shock to anyone i'm super excited for Leeds festival and all the other festivals this summer (fingers crossed i also make it to Download) . As i'v always been a fan of music i try and keep the ticket stubs from gigs i go to. I thought these was a waste sitting in my draw so i bought a cheap frame and decided to frame them. Its a real shame iv lost quite a lot of the ticket stubs but i had enough to fill the frame easy. I think this looks pretty cool and when i move out (whenever that will be) maybe it will make a nice talking point.

Iv also got quite a few ticket stubs left over so i will defiantly be making a second, It also makes me want to go to more gigs just for the ticket stubs (I don't see that as a bad thing)

Feeling in the creative mood i also recently ordered some photos. No one seems to buy photographs any more and i can't rely on facebook to store all my memories so i printed out all my favorites a few weeks ago. I decided these was no good just in a draw (probably the reason no one buys photos anymore) so i'v now started filling my wall with the pictures. This has also made me want to take more photos.

If you look close enough in one photo i'm dressed as the Joker from Batman.

Also before you ask, yes i am in every single one of these photos (minus the one of my dog Douglas). This makes me look rather vein what i can assure you i'm not (said the girl with a shrine to herself in her own bedroom). The idea behind me getting these photos in the first place was for my own memories and i can tell you exactly what happened when everyone of these pictures was taken what i think is rather nice. To me it defiantly sums up the saying a pitcure says more then a 1000 words. 

How do you showcase your "memories" ?


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