Thursday, 28 February 2013

What i bought today:

I feel like i'v not posted in ages (tut tut naughty blogger) so this is just a quick little update for you guys. This week i'v decided to start doing a little bit more exercise (more? Sammie don't you mean actually start doing exercise) . For all of you guys who don't know since the 2nd January i have given up smoking. I will be doing a post on how i did this very soon. So i thought it was time i started with the exercise. On Tuesday i started the 30 day shred DVD workout and i'v done this 3 whole times now (hey don't laugh that's good for me) and on Wednesday night i went for a jog. Feeling motivated  and also aching i went shopping with then intention to buy some nice bubble bath (for my aching self)  and have a look at the other workout DVDs. Obviously i didn't just stick to buying bubble bath and workout DVD, as i passed Primark i couldn't help have a nosy and did the typical Primark think of sweeping up anything shiny that caught my eye into my arms. 

Dress £15 primark
This will be perfect for this weekend (heading to Tattoo Tea Party, then out in Manchester)

Can never have enough flats and reduced to £6

Skull scarf £3

Clutch bag with skull detail £6

Spiked bracelet £3 (I'm a bit in love with this)

I then noticed at the till they had Argan oil!! Everyone has been raving on about this for a long while now, it suppose to be excellent for your hair so at £2.50 i got 2 of these. 

Then to HMV it was for a workout DVD, what can i say there was a sale on:

 I'v currently just done 2 workouts for the kickbox bootcamp (not my fav workout DVD, i'll add a review next week when i'v complete more workouts)

Not sure what to watch first, any recommendations? 

I also bought some baking ingredients (since i need to be up early Saturday morning to catch a train i'm having a quiet night in Friday) so i thought instead of sulking i'm not going out, why not do some baking.  So you can also expect a baking post coming soon . 

Love Sammie

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