Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Little things i hate:

As much i want to keep my blog on a positive note, we all have those little things that annoy us. In the words of Peter Griffin here are a few things what really grind my gears: 

The first of these been when i'm sale shopping online and i click on an item only to find it's out of stock! Topshop you little tease.

Following on from been lied to by websites this brings me onto amazon. As much as i love amazon from the bottom of my heart and buy the majority of my DVD's, CD's and books from there, if i'm buying second hand DVD's i am always careful i only buy the ones that are listed like new or very good. This is especially true if i'm buying a kids film (recently bought Marry Poppins, Matilda and Babe) as i don't want sticky hands and crayon wax on it. Therefore when an item arrives looking like it could of been part of a deleted scene in the Kelly Clarkson video for since you been gone, it's fair to say i'm not best pleased.

I was also going to add in YouTube adverts here however i'v found i often discover some pretty good bands from the background music of YouTube adverts. My only hate here been i'm not quick enough to shazam the song. 

Moving onto fashion. Now i'm all for people having there own sense of style and bow down to anyone who is daring enough to follow the more outrageous or extravagant fashion trends, however there is one fashion item should be made a public crime. Crocs.

Having never worn a pair of crocs i couldn't say if they are comfortable or not. I will however assume looking as ridiculous as they do and becoming as popular as they did they must feel amazing. I'm imagining the comfort of a pair of crocs been higher then walking on air, i imagine bathing in marsh-mellow to the power of sleeping on cloud nine comfort levels. 

I did want to keep this rant short and sweet however when i noticed this new product in the shop this morning i reminded me of one of my biggest hates:

Calling drink flavors by colours. How am i suppose to know what these taste like by simply calling them red, silver and blue. I understand this is a good marketing tactic as i have to buy them to find out however its annoying. 

Finally i cannot end this post without adding in; rude people, people who have overly loud phone conversations on public transport, people who walk too slow, when you'r trying to tell a story and no one listens, people who tell stories unaware no one cares, not been able to think of a song, that guy in the pub who acts like he knows everyone, people who post pictures on social network sites saying how bad they look when they might as well of had a professional makeup artist over at their house, people who think they can sing (when they can't), bad endings films, hay-fever, burning pans when i cook (its on the lowest heat!), tents that leak, captch and finally been hit with a cup of pi** in festival crowed. 

Wow that rant went on for longer then i thought. I'm not a "moaner" i promise. 

What are your pet hates?


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