Sunday, 10 February 2013

The hangover

So last night was my good friend Vickys birthday and she had kindly booked out the V.I.P section in Players bar in Leeds for us all and had drinks put on. Bottles of sambuca, jagermister and vodka were all brought over to the table for our group as people stared at us all to see what all the fuss was about. It was a fantastic night out however today i'm feeling a little delicate and thinking about the weekend i defiantly need to curb my partying antics a little. I also need to cut down my spending on nights out dramatically. So i'v put together a list of tips to help us all spend less on a night out. 

How to spend less on a night out:

1. Share drinks with friends, sharing a bottle of wine with a friends is usually cheaper then buying it by the glass. Same with cocktail pitchers. 

2. If you can, go to a friends house first, this way you can all cut down on taxi fares. 

3. Use facebook and get on the guest list for clubs/bars this way you normally can avoid paying entrance fees. 

4. Top up drinks such as wine with soda water and make them last longer.

5. Pick cheaper drinks, usually larger and beer costs less then spirits.

6. Be on the look out for member ship cards in bars what give you drinks deals. At the moment i currently have one for Propaganda at the 02 Academy,  Revolution and a yellow card for the Dry-Dock/Library pub however these do sometimes cost money to buy. I think Yatses might also do one. 

7. Often bars charge for the spirit and mixer individually, usually why gin and tonics are always a little expensive so why not swap it for a gin and lemonaid. 

8. Try downgrading the brands you drink, if your like me and actually know different brands of drinks (I used to work at a cocktail bar) then you often find yourself ordering obscure things, for example i'm no longer pleased with a standard Smirnoff vodka and now  have a new love for Chase marmalade vodka. A shot is no longer a £1 shot of apple sourz it has to be reposado tequila. I have become fussy. Basically STOP IT! You've become a drink snob.

9. There is no rule that says you cant haggle on price. This works most effectively with the people walking round selling shots. 

10. Never buy photos/keyrings in clubs! They will be on the clubs facebook page the next day were you can tag yourself so don't bother. If its a nice photo that you want then print it out yourself. 

Hope there's some useful tips in there for you all. 


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