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Reds True BBQ Leeds

Reds True BBQReds True BBQ

Reds True BBQ

Reds True BBQ
 Pulled Pork and Slaw, with fires and fries pickles

Reds True BBQ
Selection of sauces

Reds True BBQ
Bucket of bones with mac n cheese and corn bread

Reds True BBQ
Peanut butter cheesecake

I often here the words "are you eating again" said to me on a regular basis, this would probably bother me however no one has ever dared say this to a "cough" fatty. In fact when people stop saying that to you, that's when you should start to worry. It is however fair to say i enjoy good food.

So when my friends suggested a trip to Reds True Barbecue i can honestly say  i spent all day daydreaming (and possibly drooling) about it. Having been to Reds about a month or so back i already knew it was seriously good food and was looking forward to going.

I met my friends in Oporto first for a few drinks and luckily one of my friends had already booked a table for us. There is usually a wait for a table what can be up to 3 hours at busy times, so its advisable to put your name down first then head out for drinks, there's plenty of nice bars close by and the restaurant call you when your table is ready. 

Firstly walking into Reds it smelt delicious and has such a welcoming ambiance, it feels almost as if you've stepped into a log cabin, with exposed brick walls and a open kitchen in the middle. For me its always a nice sign when restaurants have open kitchens. We was shown to our table and given a menu to look through. One thing i also have noticed about Reds is there is always good rock/indie music playing.

The waitress came and took our drinks orders, I really wanted to get a root beer float or a milkshake but i knew it would fill me up too quickly so i went to for the more classy option. A pint! I must add in here there is a very nice drink selection that also fits in with the theme of the restaurant with american lagers, bourbons, root beer, milkshakes and divine cocktails.  

It took us a little while to choose what we all wanted as everything looked so delicious however out waitress was patient with us. I eventually choose the BBQ rib taster for my starter. I'v never been a massive fan of ribs so thought it would be perfect as a starter to try them as i'd heard they was excellent. I was not disappointed the ribs starter was to die for and i am now converted. The main course swiftly arrived and i opted for the pulled pork and slaw with a side of fries and fried pickles. The main again was delicious and full of flavor. I'm really not a desert person but swayed by friend (why is it no one gets a pudding unless someone else will) i ordered the peanut butter cheesecake to finish with and again this was yummy. 

I also cannot end the post without mentioning some of my friends meals, pictured above is the bucked of bones, as you can see this arrived in a small bin (or trash can if were been american). I can assure you this place does not sell measly were is the meat ribs, these are full on man vs food, size of your arm ribs! I also need to give a mention to the donut burger. Yep forget the bread bun instead your given a rather delicious burger and all the trimmings between two glazed donuts, what looked heavenly. 

Overall this is an excellent restaurant and defiantly worth a visit. 

What restaurants you would recommend? 


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