Thursday, 14 February 2013

Whats in my purse:

I have no idea were this addiction came from but i seem to have a love of loyalty cards. Its got to the point if i see a place has one i sometimes purposely buy from them just to get the loyalty card. If i lost my purse i my 1st thought would not be there goes £20, my bank card or my driving licence it would be "there was £17 on my boots advantage card!"
I do feel however this is a healthy addiction (not in a going to the gym way) but when i now get discounts in restaurants and have £17 to spend in boots its pretty darn good. 

My Loyalty cards: 
1. Boots advantage card i'm sure we all have one of these boots have now also introduced treat street were you can gain advantage card points on online shops such as Boohoo,ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Thomas Cook, Waterstones, Apple store and even insurance companies. 

2. The Debenhams beauty card.

3. The Superdrug loyalty card.

4. The Perfume Shop reward club card.

5. Subway reward card. Not got a clue how this works to be honest, i presume its replaced there previous stamp system. 

6. Barburrito card - There isn't many Barburritos around whats a shame as its basically a Mexican fast food restaurant and its yummy. I think every 9th meal is free and you get a free voucher on your birthday for a free burrito.

7. Casa mia loyalty card - Entitles you to different deals check website for details.

8. I <3 La Tasca card  20% of total food bill. 

9. Needing no introduction the Nandos loyalty rewards card. 

10. Yellow card (discount in scream pubs) this one is from the Dry Dock in Leeds.

11. Carpe Diem discount card - One of my fav pubs in Leeds.

12. Propaganda membership card - Drinks offers.

13. Revolution card - drinks/food discounts. Be warned card costs £4 but did come with some 241 cocktail and drinks vouchers.

14/15. Casino cards (Most you can gain points when you play)

17. Holland and Barratt - reward card

Other cards in aware of:
Tesco Clubard - Having spend today complaining to Tesco i had not received mine, apparently the best way to get one is to ring up.

Morrisons miles card - Gain points when you buy petrol (no use to me at the moment)

Costa Coffee

M&S have a loyalty card scheme for buying cards (birthdays,Christmas,etc) I think your 7th card is free up to the cost of £5

Body shop - This does cost money to buy

Nearly all local beauticians/nail bars have them for example 10th manicure free etc. 

Harrords - you know, because i shop there so often. 

Game - I'm sure every male has one of these

What loyalty cards do you have?

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