Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fairytales and the single girls

What is February 14th 2013 to me? It's a Thursday nothing more. As cynical i may sound saying this, i really hate Valentines day. No gold stars for guessing i'm single. Not only does this holiday triple the price of rose wine in nearly every shop but it feels false. We shouldn't need a day to make us appreciate the special person in our lives and i'm sure no one appreciates this over commercialised, pressure ridden, rose buying, card giving holiday been just a few months after Christmas (we've all been through the pressure of gift buying once we need a breather). 

Us singles also don't need another day to be reminded were still sitting on the shelf and going out with our single friends feels cliche. I am however going for a meal with the girlys followed by a singles themed night. As sad as i sound i'm actually looking forward to it. 

I recently read that Otters hold hands when they sleep so they don't drift away from each other. As cute as this is, it made me think do we sometimes want a relationships for love or practicality

Often we see our friends around us forming relationships and been 21 the next steps in life feel like i shouldn't be going them alone. Recently iv started thinking more about moving out and picturing what my own house might look like some day and no were in my day dreaming world do i picture living alone. Not only because it would seem too expensive and impractical, but extremely lonely.

From a young age were all constantly reminded in fairy-tales that one day prince charming will come and find us and we all live happily ever after. If we look to films such as The Notebook or Notting Hill (yes i cried at the notebook)  then what would of happen if Noah moved house, Allie never saw the newspaper post, or if William choose his head over his heart? Other than having no film, would all of these characters spent the rest of there lives unhappy, or waiting for someone who was never guaranteed to come?

I believe there is the perfect person out there for us all and i guess i do believe in the fairy tale ending. I also believe you meet people when you least expect it so please stop looking . If your single, getting yourself down when he doesn't text you back etc will not change anything, be patient and late fate take it course. I'm not saying sit around in your pj's waiting for him to come knocking at your door or throw stone at your window or ride up on a white horse (huh? were do you live the 1800's) but enjoy the perks of single life instead,  whilst you can. 

Don't forget there is also a plus side to been single; 
Making plans becomes quicker as you don't have to think about your other half, its ok if you forget to shave your legs once in a while (but remember your single not a wilder-beast), you don't risk getting a facebook friend requests from your boyfriends mum (do you really want her snooping through your drunken girls night out photos), dancing to beyonce single ladies is more fun when you mean it, football season is always over and no one will question how much those shoes or that handbag cost. 


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