Sunday, 24 February 2013

Birthdays and Berlin

So this is just a quick post to share with you a few little updates. So you all know i love my music and this week i'v been buying a few gig tickets. However the main point of this post is to share with you my birthday plans and to let you in to a little secret. Ok are you ready? Take a seat. Are you comfortable?, do you need a drink or anything? Ok you're ready. Right here goes. Deep breaths Sammie. Right. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION. Phew, you all know. So when my friend pointed out there was a deal on wowcher to go see them in Europe i was quite excited. I was a bit skeptical about booking this however when i saw the Berlin tour date fell on my birthday May 11th I got rather giddy and had to book it! I know its One Direction but i think it sounds pretty rock and roll following a band on tour to another country. (Either cool or a plot for Taken 3). 

The deal consist of a general entry ticket to see One Direction and a two night hotel stay at the 4* Adrema hotel based on the banks of the river Spree for £189.00 per person, we then have to book our own flights and make our own way there etc so i have no idea how good an idea this will turn out to be. However 1D aside it does mean i get to spend my birthday in Berlin. Asides from the concert i'm looking forward to a spot of sight seeing and probably a night out in Berlin. I am concerned the 2 nights won't be enough to see this beautiful city so i might have to look into booking an extra day. 


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