Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Omar Khans Bradford | Review

So last week me KelHayley and Jess headed over to Kels home-town of Bradford in the search of a delicious curry. We defiantly found just what we was searching for at Omar Khans

Heading over on the train from work was a little chaotic during rush hour, I don't often get trains I always seem to get lost in the train station and can never find the platform I need. Luckily I made it on the right train and arrived on time. Is now a good time to mention I like trains. I can never say that without sounding like an utter nerd or Sheldon Cooper. It seems to have the same raised brow looks as when a fat person admits to liking pies. 

Anyway's we decided to meet in a bar for cocktails (despite all ordering beers) then it was time to head of for food to Omar Khans. It was safe to say by this point I was starving and not to mention freezing cold (It was a cold rainy day and I had worn a cami top and open toe sandals) so I couldn't wait to get tucked into a good old curry. 

Omar Khans Bradford

Omar Khans Bradford

Omar Khans Bradford

Omar Khans Bradford

Omar Khans Bradford

The evening started with a simple beer, obviously a bottle of Cobra for me to go with curry. Have I mentioned before just how classy I am?

To start with I had the Mechli Pekora £3.95. Which are white fish pekoras seasoned with cumin, thyme and pomegranate dipped in a gram butter and deep fried. I always choose fish pekora's in Indian restaurants for starters, I always find them light yet satisfying and these were certainly good. For the portion size and deliciousness £3.95 was excellent value. Although the portion did seem large for a starter (who's complaining..not me) i found it a nice size as it wasn't a heavy starter and everything was seasoned well. I couldn't taste any pomegranate but this didn't really bother me at all as they were cooked amazingly. 

Moving on to the main course I read the menu closely. They didn't have my go too choice of  Chicken Balti so I had to step outside my comfort zone. I probably moved one whole step away from this and opted for the Chicken Masala £6.95. This was a very tasty dish and fully of flavour. I'm not saying I know Indian cooking in fact I haven't a clue but I would of preferred the dish to have a little more sauce as I found it quite dry. Especially with the accomplishments of rice £2.50 and garlic nan bread £2.95, it would of been nice to make the dishes a little more saucy. 

Overall I really enjoyed the meal, the staff were friendly and the place offered excellent value for money and I would return. My only criticism is I found the nan bread very sweet although when I pointed this out I literately got thrown a "if looks could kill" look by my friends so maybe this was just me. 

Have you tried Omar Khans?


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