Monday, 19 May 2014

Boots Haul #1

I love a good old trip to Boots (if your from the USA a drug-store). In fact who doesn't. Some people might love clothes shopping or a trip round Harvey Nichols, but for me come pay day there's nothing I love more than a little boots haul. 

I could spend hours browsing the make up, then the skincare studying all the products, checking out what's on offer and what's new in. 

I did promise myself a little spending ban this month, but make up is a female essential, right? I thought I'd share with you some of the make up bits I picked up. I did throw in the odd skincare product and maybe the odd hair product but I thought I'd share with you the beauty side. 

Rimmel - Scandaleyes waterproof gel liner - Black - £4.49

Rimmel - Scandaleyes waterproof gel liner - Emerald - £4.49
I've surprisingly never used a gel eye liner. I don't have the steadiest of hands and I have always preferred simple pencil eye-liners. I've been trying out quite a few eye-liners recently and none of them seem to have much staying power. Since these were on offer I thought I would try out a gel liner. I'd heard a few good things about the Rimmel ones so I picked up these. I choose a simple black and then I couldn't resit the emerald. I'm usually always sporting some kind of blue or green eye make up so in fell the 2nd purchase. 

Maybelline - Baby skin, instant pore eraser - £7.99
This has been floating around for a while and cause a bit of a hype following it's releases not long after the Benefit porefessional. Now I'm not expecting this to be a dupe for the Benefit primer but I needed a primer and although I am a big fan of Benefit and have tried the porefessional (and fallen in love with it) I thought I'd try out the "cheaper version" before splashing out again.

Seventeen - Poreless flawless primer - £5.99
So whilst I was looking for primers a second one fell in too. *Butter fingers* I am really looking forward to using this. I'm not sure about the packaging, for a primer typically I like a squeezy tube but I'm quite glad there's something a little different to try. 

Seventeen - Phwoarr pain concealer - fair - £5.49
My late nights mean concealer is a must if I want to look somewhat human. 

L'Oreal Paris - Glam shine stain splash - milady - £7.99
Ever since purchasing the Bourjois velvet lipsticks I've been on the lookout for something similar in a more purple shade. I came across the L'Oreal Paris glam shine lip stains and thought it would be worth testing out.

Rimmel - Lasting finish nail varnish - Fancy a dip (blue) - £2.99
Last but not least I picked up some more summer shade nail varnishes. I am completely loving the "fancy a dip" blue shade for summer. 

Rimmel - Lasting finish nail varnish - No tan lines here (orange) - £2.99

Rimmel - Lasting finish nail varnish - Wedge of lime (green) - £2.99


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