Sunday, 11 May 2014

Birthdays and growing up (Thought on life)

So if you follow me on Twitter (@LilBlondeSammie) you may have notice I happened to mention a few times...It was my Birthday! Depending on when your reading this it was on Sunday the 11th May. In which I turned the grand old age of 23. 

Now at 23 you may have though I was going to have some sophisticated birthday when in actual fact I spent the whole day sulking at how miserable it was (due to the fact I had to cancel my actual birthday plans due to been rather ill). In fact I've never truly grown out of the "it's my party and I'll cry if I want too" attitude, hence why the birthday cake has a lot of holes in the top of him. As yes I did moan the candles were wrong and Percy looked less less a pig and more like hedge hog so I had to rearrange them. In fact this was after I had already glumly walked around 3 shops looking for a cake sulking that none of them had a minion birthday cake. 

Now before every one thinks what an absolute brat I sound like, I think today has been more the renationalisation that I am in fact growing up. 23 is a weird old age, I'm technically still young enough to do a lot of things but then it's mixed with the feeling "should I start making more long term life plans?". I've friends who have now started family's, bought houses or been travelling and yet what am I doing? Sulking over birthday cake like a child. 

I've been thinking over the past few weeks, what am I doing with my life? What actually makes me happy? What do I want to gain from the future?

After a long hard thing I've come to the realisation I don't actually have to do anything. (Well done Sammie...a long hard thing and you came up with that). In actual fact I enjoy the little things in life, going out with friends, socialising, laughing and generally been happy. Is been content such a bad thing?

I feel the main things that keep me going are simply having something to look forward too. A blogger event, pay day, meeting up with friends etc. I don't have to set crazy life goals as things change all the time. Plus I change my mind so frequently then most goals feel futile from the start. 

To clear my mind I have decided to plan things to enhance myself instead. I really don't mind any more that some friends may seen way ahead of me in the life game with their mortgages and starting family's already. Although the fancy holidays..humm a little jealous. I've decided all I really want to start doing is to prepare myself for what ever the future hold. I feel basic steps will help me feel better about my little stuck in rut feeling I seem to experience every other month. 

  1. Start my driving lessons again. I spent so much money about 2 years ago on my driving lessons and then I ended up stopping my lessons when a few things changed and I moved back to working in the city centre. I still don't feel I would use a car but been able to drive is obviously invaluable. I'm not pressuring myself to pass but taking the steps to learn again is something I feel I need to do. 
  2. Join a gym. A bit of weird one, but even though I'm not a gym person or very fit for that matter I love the well being feeling from going to the gym and doing some simple exercise. I have no goals for weight loss or any targets but for me going is actually something I'm looking forward to. 
  3. Start saving. No one has any idea what the future holds. However it's a no brainier that lots of things we want to do often cost money. I've always had a second little job (I love it and I don't see the point in giving it up) so I've decided to simply start saving this money. I typically earn anything from £50 to £120 a month from working a few Saturday at a bar near me and since I never really notice the extra cash each month, it now seems a no-brainer to put this in a separate account and save it. I've been looking at into touring American next year or Inter-railing around Europe so at least whatever I decide then I won't have to worry too much about starting to save. 

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