Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bleach London | Silver shampoo & Reincarnation mask | Review

Recently there seems to of been a rise in hair care products which have taken the beauty world by surprise and stormed onto the scenes. I still don't fully understand the hype around bumble and bumble, thier products are quite pricey and although I'm no stranger to splashing the cash on my hair, I still have (some) limits. 

One fairly new brand that has caught my eye a lot has been Bleach London. Known best for their edgy colourful semi-permanent hair dyes are more the kind of brand I want to try out. Plus I was so excited when I saw they had now brought out a few extra products to their range, including a hair mask and a silver shampoo. Surely if this brand doesn't know how to look after my bleach blonde locks (although at the moment my hairs more a lilac colour) than who will?

Bleach london silver shampoo

Silver shampoo 250ml 
I typically use a silver shampoo nearly every wash. I like to keep my hair bright and vibrant and quite like the over toned look some shampoos can give. I do however understand most people just want to keep their hair fresh and vibrant looking and keep yellow brassy tones at bay.

 I found this shampoo gave my hair a fresh brighter look but didn't add any blue tones to my hair what some silver shampoos can. I am also very impressed with the price at just £5.00. Although this can still be seen as a higher price for a bottle of shampoo, when compared with other silver shampoo's on the market it actually rocks up at one of the cheapest. 

Reincarnation mask 200ml
This was the product I was most intrigued about my trying. Firstly the size of the tube is pretty large for the £6.00 price tag. I also love the silver metal tube packaging as I feel this gives it a professional salon look.

The product was very thick and typically a lot thicker than the hair masques I've tried recently or in fact any hair mask I've tried. The directions state to apply to pre shampooed hair comb through and massage in, then leave for 10 to 20 minuets. 
The simple fact it told me to leave it on for up to 20 minuets was so refreshing. I'm sick to death of buying hair masks where the packaging states 3 minuets is enough! How a product can work its magic my hair in 3 minuets is beyond me. 

So I popped this on and left it for 20 minuets. The product took a little longer to rinse out due to the thick texture but that's really not something I'm going to complain about, in fact any excuse to spend longer in the shower is always a bonus. After my hair felt noticeably softer and revived. I was surprised at how little product was also needed too, so this will last me a good while. 

Have you tried any of the Bleach London products?


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