Thursday, 1 May 2014

Cocktails and Ice-cream

There was a time on my blog last summer when I attempted to make featuring different cocktails on my blog a regular feature. However this habit died quickly when I came to the quick realisation drinking cocktails and taking my camera on a night out results in either very poor pictures or a lost camera. 

However on my recent little trip to Arnside I realised that although I still love cocktails (I think you all know that by now) I actually enjoy making them. We didn't have any shortage of alcohol on the trip. In fact I think we had more than the local shop (and possibly pub). Vodka, gin, tequila, rum, blueberry rum, watermelon vodka, raspberry vodka, Malibu, baileys, champagne, wine even limes, mint and grenadine. We had thought of it all. 

Since the lovely people from Drink Stuff had sent us over a cocktail making kit and some amazing cocktail glasses I was in my element. The first creation was beer margaritas what the lovely Kel whipped up. Containing, mint, limes, tequila and of course you guessed it beer. My favourite creation was the summery punch which contained fresh strawberry's, errrmmm then alcohol. Lots of that. If I'm honest other than the researched beer-garita recipe we didn't have a clue other than chucking stuff in. What usually tasted nice. Or maybe we just drank too many.

Although the cocktail making kit came with a cocktail guide book with scrumptious cocktails we had a better idea. Stealing the local bar man. Yep you heard me, we kind of borrowed the bar man from the pub to come make us all drinks. Bless the poor boy. Although he defiantly approached the cocktail kit more professionally than us. If your like me than if you can't taste the alcohol then it's a good cocktail. These were those kind of cocktails. 

The following evening after a day of nursing hangovers, an attempted beach walk and a trip to local pub to check if the poor boy had it made it out alive, we decided to put the array of cocktail glasses to a different use. Although the mason jar had been my glass of choice for the weekend I decided it was time for a Margarita Sundae. With fresh raspberry's, Kels home-made white chocolate flapjack (seriously yummy), ice cream, toffee sauce and whipped cream it was delightful. 


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