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TGI Fridays | The secret burger

TGI Fridays cocktail

TGI Fridays secret burger

TGI Fridays secret burger

So after I sulked about having to cancel my birthday plans I did still end up taking a little trip to TGI Fridays. This was the top of my list for two reasons. Firstly I really wanted to try the "secret burger" I had heard about on the blogsphere and twitter for the past week and secondly, I know TGI's celebrate birthdays. It did cheer me up having all the staff singing happy birthday and obviously the free slice of chocolate fudge cake defiantly did. I doubt TGI's had previously witness any other 23 year olds sat grinning away as much as me when they sang happy birthday to them, but news flash it was my birthday and I wanted a little fuss. 

White Chocolate Martini - £6.99
Grey Goose vodka, Frangelico, BOLs Creme de cacao with vanilla syrup and chocolate bitters.
This was a very strong cocktails and one that I would typically sip. I think I saw white chocolate a jumped right in and ordered this. I must say it was far too strong and had to give this away. I think even on a day where I'm feeling 100% (I've been feeling very Ill all week and drinking wasn't the best idea) I wouldn't of enjoyed this. It didn't seem to be too well thought out and defiantly didn't taste of white chocolate, the balance of ingredients seemed way out. I wish I had looked through the menu more as the Red Velvet cocktail sounds delicious. 

The Secret Burger -  £11.99
I'm guessing: A beef burger on a bed of tomato and onion, topped with beef chilli, cheese, Jack Daniels BBQ sauce and crispy onions.
So firstly just how do you order this secret burger? Well listen in closely, when the lovely waiter or waitress comes to take you order you simple say "I'll have what Jacks having" feel a little uncomfortable for a few seconds then feel a sigh of relief knowing the whole thing isn't made up. This isn't on the menu by the way. Secondly you then panic as to how much it is actually going to cost. I can now confirm it costs £11.99 which is one of the cheaper burgers on the menu. 

The burger itself is a thick juicy burger and didn't disappoint. However I really wasn't expecting the beef chilli. The cheese was gooey and melted and the crispy onions were a good touch and added flavour. I wouldn't be TGI's without their famous Jack Daniels sauce neither. It was a good burger and I was super full after eating just half of it. 

However I feel the "secret burger" could of been something a lot more creative such as adding something not seen before like spare ribs. In fact ordering "what Jacks having" could of been anything. I feel this is such a good idea but nothing exciting was delivered. I was also a little disappointed there wasn't a blue cheese burger on the menu. There are more adventurous burgers on the menu. The "Bruce Lee" burger topped with spicy Asian slaw and crispy noodles does look more unique and something I'd not come across so to compare this with the "secret burger" I felt a little disappointed. 

Happy Birthday Fudge Cake - AKA chocolate fudge fixation - Free on birthdays 
Obviously deserts always taste better when there free. However this chocolate fudge cake was seriously good. Since I was so full the staff kindly boxed this up for me to take home. However it didn't mean I miss out on the celebration as they had kindly stuck a candle in the box for me to blow out which I was super happy with. The fudge cake was a very large slice (not complaining) so this mean one thing. Fudge cake for breakfast this morning! 

Over all the food was tasty, good value and the staff were excellent. I would defiantly take a trip back to try more of their hand crafted burgers and delicious cocktails.

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