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Oriflame The One | Celebrity make up artist tips |

As you may of well seen from my previous outfit post, Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Oriflame make up event with celebrity make up artist Gary Cockerill as part of the launch of their new collection The One. I was rather excited for this event for a few reasons.Firstly I got to catch up with lots of my favourite blogging ladies. Secondly I actually knew of Gary Cockerill (he's rather well known for working with Katie Price and Kelly Brook) and was rather excited to meet him. Plus Oriflame has been a brand I'd been curious about getting to know more about for a while ever since trying one of there mascaras last year and falling in love with it. 

The event was hosted at the Living room in Leeds, which is a stunning restaurant and the event room upstairs was perfect for the intimate event. Arriving at the event I was greeted with a glass of champagne and had a chance to mingle whilst everything was been set up. I actually still can't believe I was early for once. 

The event started with an introduction from Garry how he began his career and my my is it fascinating, from the coal mines to celebrity make up artist I was very captivated by his story. Plus he won some extra brownie points with me since he's a Yorkshire lad. 

We was all given an incite into how Oriflame began. I was very surprised to see Oriflame is such a worldwide established brand and been running for years. I first heard of Oriflame last year when I was lucky enough to try out there very me mascara which has remained my favourite for a long time. I previously thought this was a completely new brand, launch but in actual fact this brand is big stuff across the globe already. Oriflame is more known to some as the "Swedish Avon", however don't be fooled, Oriflame's products are very good quality and can easily compete with more high end brands, despite the prices been Avon equivalent.

Gary gave us his insider tips and tricks on three lucky ladies. 

First up was Yuna where we was taught how to create the perfect lip. One of the best tips I picked up here was to a apply a highlight just neatly above the cupids bow and a darker contour powder below the bottom lip to create the depth of thicker, poutier lips.  A second tip is not to take lip liner and lipstick all the way to the edge of the lips depending on your lip shape as this can create a down turned smile "miserable" look (I'm sure this will make sense to most of you) 

Second up was Ellie and this time it was all about eye-lashes. Here I was finally taught how to use eyelash curlers properly. Yes I am one of those who simply squeezes them hard on my eyes to the point it makes some people cringe. In actual fact lightly squeezing the curlers a few times repeatedly on the lashes works much better and is kinder to the lashes. 

Finally the tutorials ended with eyes on the gorgeous Steph. As the new The One range features a selection of cream eye shadows we was shown how to apply these more professionally. I must admit I do love cream eye shadows but I typically apply these straight onto my eyelids with my finger in one quick swoop. Now although there is nothing wrong with that cream eye-shadow typically crease, the top tip to prevent this is to prime the eyelids with a foundation or primer (use what's left on your make up sponge or brushes) then apply a lighter coat of powder eye-shadow in a similar colour as a base to build on. Not only will this not crease but will help the shadows sit longer and not smudge. 

Big thank you to Orimflame for inviting me too the event.

Also a thank you too The Living Room for keeping me topped up with champagne and the gorgeous nibbles. 

Have you tried Oriflame (full product review coming soon)


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