Friday, 24 May 2013

Dear your name here

So a few weeks ago I realised I needed a Filofax in my life. When I had to print out my outlook calendar from work to know what was going on in my life I decided enough was enough. From hair appointments, gigs, trips planned for the summer,attempting to train for a 5k and trying to bring some organisation to Little Blonde Life, I'm usually one busy bee. 

I had some trouble finding the perfect filofax (plus there rather pricey) and in the end the lovely Ella suggested I try Paperchase where I came across this beauty. I know to a lot of people me raving on about my Paperchase organiser is a little boring but I can't wait to go buy all the different inserts and start putting my little diary together. I think I'v convinced myself this will bring some organisation to my life however in the mean time I'm simply going to marvel at the amazing geometric print. 

Verdicts on the organiser? 


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