Monday, 20 May 2013

Handmade Burger Co

So if you're a regular reader of Little Blonde Life or if you follow me on twitter @LilBlondeSammie then you will be aware this weekend I attended my first blogger meet at Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield. The meet was organised by the lovely Rachel, Caroline and Charlotte

The meet was held at Handmade Burger Co who was excellent at accommodating all 30 of us. Since meets usually involve lots of lovely chit chat which this one certainly did, I was remarkably pleased that no one rushed us to order our food and clear us out quickly. Even when the raffle caused a bit of fuss with us all clapping and taking lots of photos causing a bit of stir amongst other diners the staff was very pleasant. I would defiantly recommend Handmade Burger Co for large bookings or a birthday. 

Now onto the grub! The burgers were delicious. I must admit I'v never been a massive burger fan but I think the Handmade Burger Co may have converted me. In fact hand on heart I think I can say I am a burger convert. After some humming and ahhrring and maybe a little drooling, I ordered the blue cheese and bacon burger £7.95 and it was delicious (obviously the cheese fiend in me won the burger choice).

The burger was juicy and oozing in flavour and the blue cheese sauce was full of flavour yet not too over powering.  I ordered a side of fresh cut chips £2.95 and you could instantly tell these was home made almost as thought my mum had made them. It defiantly reflected the restaurants views of using fresh produce, these was no frozen chips!  

I will admit when I realised the restaurant used a "Nandos" ordering style system I was a litter concerned. You may have noticed by now I hate Nandos and GBK for this very reason as it usually gives the staff an excuse to do no work and the customer service goes out the window. Well I couldn't of been more wrong. The staff was very attentive and did extremely well serving us all. Even in such a large group of 30 all our food arrived together and piping hot.


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