Monday, 27 May 2013

Shoe wish list

I tried creating weekly wishlists some time back but I never really kept up to it. I'm always browsing the internet wishing for things and I'm never really stuck for ideas on what to buy. However my guilt pleasure really lies in shoes. So from now on I aim to product monthly shoe wish lists.

Tan kickers: I would love to link you to a pair but I'v been constantly watching these on eBay for a few months now either missing the listings or been out bid etc.

I love the idea of owning a pair of Kickers again as these take me right back to my primary school childhood days.

 Hunter ORIGINAL TALL GLOSS Black / Verne
Hunter Wellies £78.99 Spartoo
I'm pretty sure these was on my old wishlist. I am still to purchase a pair! I think with the festivals coming around soon I will defiantly be getting around to making a purchase.

Havaianas flip-flop  £20 Schuh
Having walked around most of today in flip flips I forgot how comfortable they could be. Therefore these are heading straight to the top of the wishlist.

Tan Loafers £58 Office
I have no idea yet what I would wear these with but I really want a pair of leather loafers. I think these are more of a buy now think about later purchase. On the plus side they are very practical what usually can't be said for my shoe purchases. 

I really could sit wishing for shoes all day and make this page a mile long but for now I want to keep it reasonable and even possibly affordable.


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