Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Berlin Zoo

Can you sport the baby elephant. So cute!

 Make sure you get my best side.

 This is were Skippy has been hiding. 

When there not busy filing insurance adverts the meerkats are hanging out in the zoo. 

Just checking my nail polish isn't chipped. 

 What i would consider the cutest animal ever. The otter. 

 Or maybe its the Penguins.

Having never been to a zoo, one of the main attractions I was looking forward to visiting in Berlin was Berlin Zoo. I was a little unsure what to expect but I had such a good time visiting the Zoo. All the animals seemed happy and lively and they all seemed to have good living conditions. The entry fee to the zoo was 13 euros what was very reasonable as the zoo was massive! The zoo was also in a very central location and was super easy to find. My favourite of the animals was the Zebra's and the Elephants and since seeing otters a few weeks ago at the sea life centre I have decided they are the worlds cutest creatures. 

What's your favourite animal?


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