Friday, 3 May 2013

Blog everyday in May

Many bloggers are attempting to take part in the blog everyday in May challenge. May for me is a busy month however I will be attempting to complete as many posts as I can for you guys. As you can tell this already isn't going brilliant as its the 3rd of May already, but here goes:

Todays topic: Things that make you uncomfortable.

When someone tells a  joke but been unsure how to react when the jokes not "politically correct"

When Douglas barks for no reason

Silence, when on a car journey

Having to watch performances of people who think they can sing or play a music instrument, who really can't. You are not Christina Aguilera and never will be - pack it in.

When friends tell you: TOO MUCH INFORMATION

Introducing friends/boyfriends to your parents

Hearing the words "can I ask you something"

Having to return clothes in store

Been sure what till to pay at in department stores


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