Thursday, 9 May 2013

What's in my travel bag?

If I hadn't already mentioned this weekend I will be spending my birthday in Berlin (plus watching One Direction). I have spent today stressfully running around town looking for last minuet bits and bats, packing my bags and printing out all my flight details and boarding passes. Just before I set of to the airport I will quickly share with you what's in my hand luggage. 

All my flight details, hotel details, endless Google maps and details of places I might want to visit.





Glasses (the kind for sight) in a spider man case!

Thick socks for the plane (Is it just me who takes my shoes off?)

Berlin travel guide and phrase book

Adapter plug, phone charger, camera charger. 

Hand cream, lip balm, tissues.

I will be 22 on Saturday May 11th, Lets hope it's a good one. 


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