Monday, 13 May 2013

Birthday in Berlin

I know I must of mentioned a 100 times about my birthday plans but this weekend it was finally time to head of to Berlin to see One Direction. It has been an amazing weekend and Berlin is such an amazing city.

As the plane flew over Berlin upon arrival the view of the city was stunning

Since we landed at 10'o'clock in the morning and couldn't check into the hotel until 3pm we took a taxi to the city centre and had a walk about.  

It didn't take us long to find all the landmarks and we was surprised ourself when we came across Brandenburg Gate so quickly. 

I think one thing that everybody gets excited about is seeing shops and food outlets we don't have in the UK hence my excitement at seeing at Dunkin' Donuts and a Haagen Dazs ice cream parlour. In fact I think we noticed the Haagen Daze shop before we noticed Brandenburg Gate. I have since been informed Haagen Daze is in fact from New-York not Germany what I was rather shocked at. 

After we finally checked in to the hotel we had time for a nap after been up about 36 hours. We then headed out to party. Berlin defiantly had some amazing night-life.

The next morning we headed of to find an underground station walking down what seemed a perfectly normal street we was a little shocked when all of a sudden we came across Charlottenburg Palace. The pictures really don't do this building justice. 

We then went gift shopping ...... in a local Aldi. 

After a busy morning it was finally time to head of to O2 World Berlin to see One Direction. The arena was opposite the East Side Gallery so we was lucky that we didn't have to spend too long looking for both. (I have taken lots of photos at the East Side Gallery but I will save this for another post)

Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel. I must admit to you all here we did that very British thing when leaving a hotel on the last day: We convinced ourselves during the journey from the hotel to the airport we would starve to death and therefore packed muffins and bagels into our handbags (please say it's not just me who does this?). I must say the hotel had a lovely outside dining area by the river with such an amazing view. 

We then headed of to Berlin Zoo. 


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