Sunday, 19 May 2013

The true meaning of YOLO

So if your a regular reader of  Little Blonde Life you will already be aware I like a good rant. One of the things that has been bugging me lately is the overuse of stupid phrases. The first of these phrases been "first world problem" for example "omg my mum won't buy me a new iphone #firstworldproblem" or "As if I have to wait 2 hour wait for a table at the Ritz #firstworldproblem". seriously get a grip. The second of the phrases that bugs me is: you only live once, or as is it is better known YOLO. Now if you're not familiar with the saying YOLO, you're probably thinking "that sure sounds like a motivating little phrase you kids today have going on" well yes it is motivating however it is used in the most stupid ways for example "go on, have that 10th Jager bomb you only live once" or "I just blew all my wage in Topshop but hey you only live once".

It fails to shock me that people now a days believe its worthwhile to moan about these kinds of things and with the increasing use of social media there is an audience who listens. It seems we don't  always use the rise of social media for the better so I aim to change that.

Therefore I'm aiming to bring back some true meaning to #YOLO #FirstWorldProblem

Who will be joining me? 

"I stopped smoking to improve my health #YOLO"

"It's such a shame in 2013 we still test on animals for cosmetic purposes #FirstWorldProblem"


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