Friday, 24 May 2013

Introducing Jeffrey Campbell

So it's never been a secret that I love shoes. Recently I've been going a bit mad on the shoe purchases and I couldn't resist sharing my 2 favourite purchases with you guys. Now I'm not writing this to boast "I bought myself 2 pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes" instead I want to share with what a bargain these purchases was. I had shopped around for these shoes for quite a while when I came across both pairs on sale at Harvey Nichols. The claw suede boots available at £55 and the lita skull stud boots available at £65. P.S. both still in stock online. 

However as nice as Jeffrey Campbell shoes are no one seemed to tell me what large fits the shoes are. I would defiantly recommend purchasing a size down or even better try them on first in a store so you know they will fit you, if you order a pair on-line.

I adore the claw boots the most and I've never seen a pair of shoes like them let. My imagination gets a little carried away (it doesn't take much) when I look at these and I imagine a little monster trying to drag me away or steal my shoesies. 

What are your favourite shoes?


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