Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cake at the Corn Exchange

Recently me and my friends headed over to Anthony's in the Corn Exchange for a a slice of cake and a chat. For those of you who don't know Leeds the Corn Exchange used to be full of shops and was also a well known hangout for the goth scene. I hadn't been in here in quite a few years since it changed and i forgot what a stunning building it is. There are now several dining outlets within the corn exchange and some boutique shops as well still. We visited Anthony's Patisserie.  I had the coffee cake my friend Vicky had the carrot cake and Charlotte had an muffin, she must of picked the short straw, it looked no wear near as yummy as the cakes although she said it was delicious . Oh and we all had a glass of white wine. I'm rather pleased i thought to suggest the corn exchange as it was perfect for a small little catch up, sitting there sipping my wine eating my cake in the sophisticated settings i felt a little like i was in an episode of sex and the city. I cant remember the prices but i think it was about £5 each (for cake and wine) so also made a cheap day out. I would have to say this is one of my favorite buildings in Leeds. I know it sounds slightly geeky to have a favorite building but modern buildings don't seem to have the wow factor anymore. 

It's also places like this, are the reason i'v really been wanting a new camera recently.

Do you have a favorite place in your city?


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