Monday, 4 March 2013

Shopping and Lego

So if you saw yesterdays post you will be aware on Saturday i was in Manchester for a tattoo conventions. Since the tattoo convention was held a stones throw away from the Trafford center  it would of obviously been a crime not to call in for a mooch around the shops, plus they have a Selfridges so i really wanted to have a look around, i stress the word look as i sadly didn't plan on buying anything. Unfortunately we didn't have time to look in Selfridges but i did manage to pick up some DVD's and a CD in the HMV sale (I really think i do have an addiction to buying DVD's), i plan on returning to Selfridges after payday. I also went on a hunt for some flat shoes, since i had decided to wear heels for the day my feet was killing. I looked in the Vans shop as i thought they might have the shoes i mentioned on this wishlist, however they didn't so i called in H&M next door and bought a pair of ankle boots (and a jumper). I'v worn the boots a lot over the weekend and they've become a new fav. The Trafford center had some amazing shops and felt more like walking through a hotel then a boring old shopping center. When leaving I also noticed a sign for a Lego shop making my eyes instantly light up, so i tottered of to find it. The Lego shop was defiantly fun, whilst i was busy trying to construct a lego dinosaur at pick a brick, my friends kept busy by deciding to stick a piece of green lego onto the nose of a lego statue of Buzz Light-year. (It was closing time so luckily the shop assistants wasn't too mad about this). Must admit i did laugh. 

New shoesies from H&M 

Couldn't resist this jumper H&M

My HMV addiction (i'm going to see Stereophonic in a few weeks so i need a catch up on there songs)

I also picked up the Marilyn Monroe box-set in the HMV sale, I'v never seen any of her films so i'm looking forward to watching this. 

Now onto the Lego Shop:

How did you spend your weekend?


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