Saturday, 23 March 2013

Crimble crumble

Whilst i'm trapped in on a Saturday night i thought i would quickly share with you my Friday night.

Friday night was the best night out i have had in ages, so i can't sulk too much that i'm stuck in bored on a Saturday.

I love how the best nights out are always the most random. I hadn't intended to go out on Friday as a big night out was planned for Saturday. Arriving home from work i thought i would have a little walk to the shop and buy myself a bottle of wine for my night in. Walking around the shop i came to the baking isle. I had a little ponder and noticed some crumble topping mix when i remembered a recipe i had seen on the TV a few weeks ago for a mars bar and apple crumble. (I will add a post when i'v made this). When i arrived at the checkout, the shop assistant started pulling weird faces and questioning the type of apples i had picked, when he screwed his face up and went "your using these apples for a crumble" what i heard in my head was "your 21 and spending your Friday nights making apple crumble, were is your life". On this note i headed out. It was rather late when i got out and my friends was already stuck in town and promised me they wasn't dressed up. I headed of into town in my converse leggings and kiss jumper, expecting a few drinks. We all know the quiet nights turn out to be the best and this was no exception. 

My much loved, sparkly yet dirty converse 

How have you spent your weekend?


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