Monday, 18 March 2013

F*ck me i'm in my twenties


As you know i love my little quirky books. Therefore i jumped for joy a little when i saw F*ck me i'm in my twenties. The book itself was filled with wonderful little doodles and charming anecdotes about life in your twenties. It really got me thinking about my life ahead.

I guess been in your twenties really are the freedom years and the years your aloud to screw up. Ever since we was all little girls and boys we've had our paths pre chosen for us, we would go to primary school, high school then most likely college . Then the worst happens. We have to choose for our self and among been dam right amazing it's pretty scary. I never choose to go to university and in some ways i regret it, but at the moment i have a relativity good job for my age and i have a comfortable life. I moved out when i was 18 and looking back it was too young, i'm now happy living at home for the time been and it means i get to spend my wage the correct way, on going out and shoes! Instead of rent and bills, there's plenty of time in life to do that. Also 21 is not too old to be living at home! 

What i have come to realise so much in the past year or two is that only you can make your life what you want it to be. For example sitting there hating your day job won't get you your dream job but most importantly applying and even more important carrying on trying when things don't always work out will. I don't think there has been or ever will be one person in their twenties who can sit back feeling like they've got it all. In fact does anyone really get it all?

The other side to been in your twenties i often feel is making sacrifices and taking risks. For example if i want to go on that dream holiday or travel the world i might have to cut back on nights out (a tear fell on the keyboard at the thought of that) or maybe even quit my job. However when else in life will it be so easy to make them decision. Finally time really does pass by so quickly so don't regret a single moment of your life, if you screw up in your twenties its a learning curve not a mistake.

Finally its also one of the few chances you will get to spend that much on those shoes, without having to explain yourself! 

P.S you will not become a crazy old lady with 20 cats so don't worry!


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