Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tattoo tea party

So Saturday afternoon i headed of to Manchester for Tattoo Tea Party (a tattoo convention). I don't have any tattoos yet myself but i do agree that when tattoos are done well they really are works of art (i'm NOT talking about the girl with her own name on the bottom of her back or the man with a tribal tattoo down his arm). Also my friends already had tickets and it seemed a good day out. 

My outfit for the day was a tea dress (obviously) a leather jacket and some accessories i also decided to wear heels (big mistake i ended up having to buy a pair of boots as my feet was aching too much, or maybe i used that as an excuse to buy shoes, yeah it was probably the 2nd one). 

Arriving at the events center for the convention there was a monster truck handing out cans of monster at the entrance, i'm not sure about you but when i see a monster truck (or a red bull car) it's usually a sign of a good day out, it kind of brings back the same excitement i remember feeling when i saw a slush puppy machine anywhere as a child. I wasn't sure what to expect having been to nothing like this before, but it was basically a load of stalls displaying artists work and people getting tattooed, there was also a place to get body piercings, some clothes stalls and best of all dodgems and a bar. 

There was some amazing pieces of work on display and i saw some exceptional tattoo's  unfortunately i didn't get many photos as it's obviously a little rude to start photographing people getting tattooed. 

I didn't pluck up the courage to get a tattoo myself however i did have my nose pierced. In the past i'v had a few piercing including my nose, my lip twice and my ears more times then i can count, i know piercings don't hurt but this time i seemed to work myself up about  it and sitting there i felt like i was about to pass out. The guy piercing my nose was ever so polite and patient with me so i would like to thank Holier Then Thou piercing studio for been so nice here, in my past experience any slight hesitation normally irritates the piercers and they seem to get stroppy what only adds to the nervousness. I must say it was the least painful piercing i have ever had i don't even remember my eyes watering, however it was little tender after. 

I didn't have much time to dwell on my stinging nose when there was the best announcement i have ever heard.. FREE DODGEMS BETWEEN 2'o'clock AND 3'o'clock!! Been a big kid this obviously was the highlight of the day for me i think we had about 4 goes. We then had a peek at all the stalls and i bought a rather nice hair bow for £3. We then caught a few moments out side in the first bit of sunshine i have seen all year and then headed over to the Trafford center. 

Was a long day so i shall add post to be continued

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