Saturday, 16 March 2013

Easter Eggs

Sammie's Top 10 Easter Eggs
So Easter is coming soon and what better excuse to pig out on chocolate. For me its a chance to find the best quirkiest Easter eggs/chocolates that provoke the "where did you find that" reaction. I'v tried to mix up the selection i'v choose so there's something to suit everyone.

1. Rococo day of the dead skull egg £64.95 Harvey Nichols 

Creme Brûlée Truffle Egg Tube
2. Creme Brulee Truffle Egg Tube £16 James Chocolates

Egg & Chips  
3. Egg and Chips £12 Hotel Chocolate 

4. Milky Bar Barn £4 Sainsbury's

Kissing Gold Bunny 100g
5. Kissing Gold Bunny £4.99 Lindt

6. Lemon Meringue Egg £12.95 Chococo

7. Marc De Champagne Truffle Egg £37.50 Fortnum & Mason

8. Marsh-mellow Sheep Lolly £19.99 Choccywoccydoodah 

9. Trifle Egg £9.99 Thornton's 

oeuf maisonnette, milk chocolate Easter egg
10. Oeuf Maisonnette, Milk chocolate, Easter egg £14.95 Chocolate Trading Co

Hope there was something there that caught your eye. 

Happy Easter

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