Friday, 1 March 2013

How I stopped smoking:

So i have officially given up smoking. A cigarette has not passed my lips since the 1st January 2013 a whole 3 months ago (wow how fast is this year going). Now some of you may think 3 months is nothing but going from been a walking chimney to stopping over night i feel entitled to share my experience. So how did i do it? Patches, hypnotherapy, tablets, electric cigarettes? None of those i used good old free will power. We all have it, yes even you. Now stopping on the 1st of January your sat there thinking ah so it was a new years resolution. well not exactly to be honest i feel so lucky its been so easy i almost think i'v cheated. 

So it all began new years eve and before i headed out i went to the shops to buy some cigarettes. Since it was new years eve i knew the shops would be closed new years day i decided instead of buying 20 i would buy 40. Waking up new years day feeling groggy (new years eve was actually pretty good this year i usually have no expectations as its always a let down) i went downstairs poured a glass of OJ and went to get my bag to find my trusty cigarettes. When.... I had smoked them all. The panic then set in as i knew there was no shops open. I went and had a shower and got dressed. My friend then called me to see if i fancied going out that evening (yeah my thought was the same as yours, who the hell goes out on new years day). Any ways since i wanted to make the most of my leave of work i decided to go out knowing i would be able to buy cigarettes from behind a bar. I'm sure all smokers would of be thinking the same and dreading a night out with no cigarettes. When we got out i saw the price of the cigarettes I decided I could wait till the morning. (I think it was something like £9 for 14, why are cigarette machines always weird packets). The next morning i woke up and couldn't believe i actually went a day without cigarettes. Here i had one day left before i went to back to work and decided i would have a quiet day shopping. Here i have to walk past the bus stop to the shop to buy cigarettes so it was lucky that the bus was coming so i jumped straight onto it and headed to town cigarette free. As i started looking round the shops i was pre-occupied and the thought of smoking didn't bother me, before i knew hours had passed and i still hadn't bought any cigarettes. I headed back home had my tea and i was proud i hadn't smoked all day again, spurred on i decided to try and not to smoke that day as well. Going back to work i deiced that was it and instead of telling people i was stopping smoking i told them i had stopped. I think this was a big help as saying your stopping means nothing really were as saying to yourself you have stopped means you also believe it. 

Back at work smoke free i was worried the days would go slower or i would miss those moments away from my desk, when i didn't. In fact as i'm on flexi time the time i gain from not smoking makes my days go a lot faster and i have now started drinking a lot of herbal tea so instead of going out for cigs i get up to make a cuppa. I also wrote on a post it note the amount i save each month and stuck it to my computer I think it was about £140 per month. After the first few days passed it was then easy.

I must admit on a nights out seeing friends smoke at first i wanted a bit and i had a sly drag of there cigarettes, when i did even after a few days smoke free it tasted disgusting and i didn't even want a full one. I think by allowing myself a few cheating moments it made it easier, to tell any smoker you can never have a cigarette again is daunting so knowing the option is there makes it easier and for me it made me see how disgusting a habit it was. 

3 months on and i'm now smoke free, there was no magic cure, but i do think i was lucky as i found it easy. Before i smoked around 15 - 20 a day for the last 2 years and i have smoked since i was 16 that's 5 years in total. It really never though i would stop. I always wished i could and was jealous of people who managed to stop. So believe me if i can do it you can.  I now see what an awful habit it is and just how bad it smells, i apologies now to all my non smoking friends that have put up with me in the past. Don't worry i wont become a hypocrite, i wont cough loudly when someone nearby lights up  and i wont overly waft smoking away from myself. However if you are trying to stop i wish you all the luck and hope you manage it. I have never felt better and what i save in a year it's a pretty good holiday. I will also add don't waste your time with electric cigarettes they just make you want a real cigarette.


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