Sunday, 31 March 2013

Trinity Leeds

Friday i headed of to visit the new Trinity shopping center in Leeds. Obviously there was one shop i was heading of to find. One Direction World! I must admit i was rather disappointing the shop seemed rather empty and all the merchandise was behind barriers like they didn't trust people. There was a rather large queue in the shop what turned out to have your photo taken were they then photo-shopped you into one direction photos. Been a big kid i joined the queue and had my photo taken. I didn't know the price before joining the queue but i did presume the photo would be a little expensive. I was not wrong! I ended up paying £20 for a poorly edited photo. It also came in no bag so when i got told the carrier bags cost £1 i did end up shouting quiet a lot at the poor shop assistant. 

If you haven't yet visited the Trinity Shopping Center yet its rather confusing. Its as thought  new streets have been added to the center of Leeds. You will be happily walking along and them BAM a shopping center entrance and a whole loads of new shops. It feel a little bit like i have to learn my way around the city again. The trinity is an amazing addition to the center and i love the way its spread across the city, i have been told there is going to be a shop a week opening for the next 6 months, there is also a few pop up shops what i love, as it means i can't bored of the same shops. My current favorite shop after 1DW has to be Candy Kittens, if your a fan of Made in Chelsea then a visit is worth while.  

After i had been shopping it was the time for cocktail (at Revolution  has anyone else seen the refurbishment, i love it) and then food (went to red hot buffet, i'm not a fan of buffets and i didn't really enjoy it) before i picked up some yummy cakes from Patisserie Valerie for my dads birthday.  

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