Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Stereophonics gig

I managed to get two videos at the start of the gig and then my camera froze, i thought maybe when i plugged it into the computer it would zap some life into it but unfortunately it looks like its dead, i'd been moaning on twitter for some weeks now i need a new camera and looks like i was right. boo. 

Onto the gig.

It was amazing!

One of the best gigs i have been to in ages, it has also just been announced today Stereophonics will be playing at the Leeds Arena what i'm very tempted to get tickets for It seems Stereophonics sing all the songs i love but never who sang them. The gig had an amazing atmosphere and the support from Josh Weller really got the crowed going. They played all my favorites i was just a little disappointed they didn't play handbags and the glad rags and pick a part that's new. However this band have so many amazing songs they couldn't possibly play them all. 

The set list:


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