Monday, 11 March 2013

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

 Monkey Nuts

The Don Burger (apologies, half eaten)

I'm a massive fan of trying new restaurants and for some reason i had never been to Gourmet Burger Kitchen (although i now know the reason). Me and my friend headed over to GBK on Greet street in Leeds last week. Walking through the door we was met with an unusual greeting were we was basically told to pick our own seats. (maybe this is a bonus but i thought it was unprofessional of the waiter). We picked a spot by the window and the waiter then came over, with the typical greeting "have you been here before" when we said "no" i was then horrified when his response was "it's like Nandos order your own food" and walked of. Firstly why was he assuming i had been to Nandos and secondly i hate Nandos. 

Looking through the menu me and my friend both opted for the don burger described as,  brioche bun, bacon, aioli, blue cheese, American cheese, onion jam, rocket & mustard mayo. It has just occurred to me there was no bacon on the burger however all i could taste was garlic anyways. Its a pretty good job we both opted for the same as i'm sure we must of have very offence breath after. Although i can't blame that on GBK (well i kind of can, but what would you expect from a burger containing blue cheese and aioli). Browsing the menu we was both a little surprised that for £9.95 the burger came with no side, so for an extra £3.25 we added a portion of chunky fries to share and blue cheese dip for £1.25. 

Going up to order our food, the one good thing when a restaurants "like Nandos" is there's no hassle trying to split the bill with friends as you both can pay individually. I went first and ordered my burger and a diet coke, when the waitress was quick to point out it hadn't ordered and chips! Again rude! Why was she expecting me to want a side. She then asked how i wanted my burger cooked. This didn't only confuse me but it seemed to confuse everyone else i witnessed ordering food, i'm sure its not just me but from all the government BBQ adverts i'v seen, there's only one way i like my burgers cooked and that's well done. The thought of ordering a rare burger screams food poisoning to me.

I sat down and my friend brought over 2 glasses, i thought they looked small for drinks glasses and my friend looked puzzled and said they was for the nuts. No one explained this then luckily we saw another customer going up to a large bag of nuts and taking some back to his table in the glass. This really should be explained more as its only small thing but free nuts was the highlight of the meal and i'm guessing it's part of there USP. 

The waiter then eventually bought our drinks over and when i stated i had ordered a diet coke not regular coke, his reaction was "shes rubbish" referring to the girl who took our order. As much as i agreed with him again not professional. 

I would probably give this restaurant another try if i was forced to go, but i won't be going back of my own accord anytime soon.


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