Thursday, 28 March 2013

Things Money Can't Buy

So today at work we all put a syndicate on for the Euro Millions this Friday as it has a jackpot of £110 million. As i spent the morning day-dreaming about winning and my future designer shoe collection and travelling the world on my private jet i also gave a little thought to the things no amount of money can buy. Here's what i came up with:

The amazing friends i have. This one sounds a little cheesy to begin with but i really am lucky to have such amazing friends who all understand me (and put up with me) so well. They make me laugh on a daily basis and i really do feel lucky to have the amount of close friends i have. 

Douglas. Ok so everyone loves there own pets. But no amount of money could ever replace his little face, he's not just a dog he really is a member of the family and when we bought him no one could of said he would turn out with such a good temperament like he has.

The excited feeling i get when i see my favorite bands/musicians have announced a tour. Hello Ben Howard!

The feeling you get when your favorite song is played. 

Love. I'm not going to go all soppy on you here but we all know it can't. It also won't buy you that fit guys number or a drink of that lad your really fancy, that is all down to you. 

Talent. As much as i would love to be able to sing i'm never going to be able to.

Dedication. I'v always wanted to run the London Marathon and since i'v given up smoking i'v started running. Now i'm not running a marathon anytime soon (I would like to run a 5k first) but money can't buy me this, this is all down to my own hard work how much i succeed. 

Make the ques at Alton Towers go down any quicker. Yes, before you say it i can buy a fast pass for the good rides, but we all know the fast passes still have some ques. 


Make me pass my driving test. I obviously need money some for lessons etc, actually with the price of a provisional, lessons and the actual test it does feel like i need a lottery win, but again this is down to my own perseverance to pass and hopefully this will be soon, fingers cross.

What couldn't money buy you?


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