Monday, 29 April 2013

Country pub lunch

So this weekend my friends and I decided we would go for a nice country pub lunch. We had initially planned to go to a nearby lake and play on the pedalos but the weather didn't look too great. however the great British weather pulled through and the sun came out in time for a nice walk around the park and some pub grub. We decided to go the Roundhay Fox for lunch, I must say the pub had a lovely cosy welcoming feel to it but unfortunately we waited ages for the food to come and the service was incredibly slow. For starter I had the baked Cornish brie and onion marmalade brulee £4.45 and for main I had Handmade haddock and wholegrain mustard fish cakes £8.75. Since i love all kinds of cheese the starter went down well however I was disappointed by the lack of imagination and presentation. Had they of told me I was getting baked brie and bread I wouldn't of felt so disappointed.  The main course however was much tastier and the fish cakes were delicious.

How was your weekend?

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