Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Trip to York and Scarborough part 2


When we finally arrived in Scarborough we was all super hungry and headed for the first cafe we set eyes on. I ordered a breakfast wrap and had a slice of malteaser cake after. Once all our bellies were nice and full we all set of for a walk along the coast. As i'm from Leeds the sight of sand isn't a regular occurrence, this lead me to say out loud  "why is there sand on my shoe!"  After my friends laughed at me we set of. 

Been typical of myself i hadn't dressed very weather appropriate and had to cheekily borrow my friends gloves for the day.(The sun was shining but it was still very nippy) Once i was slightly warmer we all set of to find the mini golf. Unfortunately the mini golf was closed so we opted for a walk up the cliffs. The view from the top of the cliffs was stunning and it was refreshing to finally have a sense of peace of quite giving me time to reflect away from daily life. After we all sat up to the top of the cliffs chatting we headed over to the south bay to the amusements. No trip to the seaside would be complete without playing on some 2p machines. After the nicest ice cream ever (rhubarb and crumble flavor) we headed to back home. Luckily were all heading back this weekend for a camping trip. Yippiee.


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