Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Rain on your parade

Sometimes we can all have those glum moments and this week for reasons unknown has felt somewhat glum. Since no ones likes a moaning myrtle I thought I would focus more on the little aspects of the past week that made me smile. 

Seeing my little cousin
My new shoes arriving
Finally booking my flight to Berlin
Finding bands I use to love on my I-pod
Spending time with my friends
Walks in the park
Seeing Babyshambles will be playing in Leeds
Cuddles from Douglas
My new camera
Daim bars
Speaking with old friends
The Sun shining
Having my teeth whitened
Looking for a summer holiday
Old quotes from the Mighty Boosh
Sailor Jerrys and diet coke
lovely comments on my blog
Taking part in my first beauty swap
Trips on the train
Starbucks coffee
Drinking cucumber gin and tonic


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