Wednesday, 10 April 2013


So yesterday on a blogger chat the topic was what type of blogger we all are. I would consider myself as a lifestyle blogger but ultimately i would say i always aimed to write my blog as a diary to push my life in the right direction. If anyone writes a blog then you will most likely understand and agree that writing a blog is hugely motivating in so many ways. When i first started writing my blog there was one thing i really wanted to achieve and that was a change in career. (It was one of the main reasons i had in mind when i started blogging, so i could keep track of progress) Yet up until now i have felt rather reluctant to share any aspect of this whats kind of silly. I think ultimately because i don't want to fail. However this week i'v been pushing myself in the right direction. As you might be aware from my twitter @lilblondesammie i have started running. Getting fit isn't something i started for fun it is in fact as my career choice is between the RAF or the Royal Navy. At the moment i have been to see the careers advisers a number of times and narrowed my job choice down between 2 jobs. What is more difficult is that i can do both jobs in the RAF and the Navy giving me 4 choices making it harder. I am torn between both at the moment so i'v been spending most my spare time researching everything. Both have a lot of merit but i'm swayed more towards the Navy for the time been. 

Since i have finally shared my goals vaguely with you all there is just some time to mention a few other little things. I am now ready to book in for my driving test. I also found out i need glasses (just for driving) just its such a shock re-gaining some vision back i think when you need glasses you don't realise it as you just presume your not suppose to see that far anyway. When i was little having to wear glasses would of made me cry if i'm honest however i actually love wearing them.  I also picked up a spider man glasses case, the optician gave me it for free as i don't think he could quite believe i wanted it. Spidey-sense! (Its a good job i have a smallish head as the glasses case is quite clearly for children) I am also now 4 months smoke free and still going strong. 

It surprisingly feels nice to finally open up about my true goals for the year. Just daunting now making the first few steps towards my true goals.


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