Monday, 22 April 2013

Shoes Glorious Shoes

So after a clear out of my shoe collection, I counted up and I was left with a nice round 50 pairs of shoes (including trainers and ones dotted around the house not pictured) My favourite few (or most un-practical) are still in there boxes, I really should of got them out I guess for the point of this post. I read recently a girl only wears an average of 7 pairs of hers shoes and I guess this is defiantly true for me, you may have even noticed dust of some of them! I live in my Converse on a weekend, plod about in my Uggs for work (I'm actually glad summer is coming to get me out this habit) and I find any excuse to wear my Jeffrey Campbell look-a-likes. This reminds me i really should invest in a real pair, there so easy to walk in and since I'm not vertically blessed there perfect to boost me up. Plus they always get me a  "how to do you walk in those" compliment, we all secretly love. I would rate that the third best compliment to receive as a female the first been an not so surprising "have you lost weight" with "are those your real eyelashes"(when they are) coming up behind. Until now I have had all my shoes thrown in the bottom of my wardrobe, sorry shoes it won't happen again, I promise. So I thought to help me wear more of them I would cover my floor and create a little shoe haven. I'm currently in the process of trying to condense my room and store things better (I guess moving out soon might not be so optional, as I'm running out of space). I think the only way to store my shoes will be to buy some shoe boxes for them all, shoe haven is nice but the shoes get dusty and they don't like it. Sorting through my shoes and letting go to a good 15 pairs was hard enough I'm dreading having to tackle my wardrobe next. 

Do your shoes and clothes take over your room?


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