Monday, 15 April 2013

Camping trip

So this weekend me and my 3 friends headed back to Scarborough for a camping trip. On the way we stopped of at Asda for camping supplies and I came across toasted mallow flavour vodka what I thought was rather appropriate for the trip (heads up: they also make a strawberry cheesecake flavour). After we had gather supplies for the weekend (and i got over the shock my friend had never tried hummus) we set of to the coast.

Upon opening my friends boot I stared baffled for a few minuets at the grey box shape in front of me, was it a cool box? Was it a  a BBQ? No! It was a TV! Well who says you can't have home comforts camping. I must say I was rather pleased my friends had thought to hook up the tent with a TV, iPod docking station and a heater.

For me one of the favour parts of camping is setting up camp. For me the joy of un-rolling my sleeping bag after the tent is put up is blissful. (Well not quite as blissful as pouring the 1st drink)

Friday after we had all un-packed we went for a walk around the cliffs. One of the things was my friends was shocked at is that I had actually packed sensible shoes. (I might as well get some use out of that pair I bought for the gym i'm yet to join! One thing I love about Scarborough is it has such a mix of scenery from the beach front to the cliffs.  It made me feel like a kid again exploring around.

As it got dark and after the sun set we found a secluded little spot, made a fire and toasted marshmallows.  Does anyone else purposely burn the marshmallows so they go kinda crispy but still gooey? There's something so satisfying about sitting around a camp-fire in a beautiful location that really makes me appreciate the small things in life.

After this we headed back to the camp-site and a tired me feel straight asleep. Saturday we then headed of to play mini golf and visit the sea-life centre (more to come on this).

 How was your weekend?


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